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On this website we focus in particular on the cannabinoid CBD. But in addition to CBD there are more than a hundred other cannabinoids to be found in plants belonging to the cannabis family. The most well-known is undoubtedly THC. It is THC that causes the psychoactive effects of cannabis, which is often called being high or feeling stoned by recreational users. On this website we focus on the medical use of cannabinoids. People who use cannabis medically often experience the psychoactive effect as undesirable. This is probably one of the reasons that CBD gets a lot of attention at the moment, as CBD does not have this psychoactive effect. In addition, CBD shares some of its medicinal uses with THC and also has a whole range of unique applications all of its own. On this website we discuss a wide range of ailments in which CBD could help.


But what about those other 102 cannabinoids that can be found in cannabis plants? Do they also have beneficial effects? The answer to this question is complex and there is a lot we don’t know. Quite a lot of research on CBD is being performed these days and so our knowledge is growing . Sometimes other cannabinoids are also researched, but the number of studies on other cannabinoids is significantly less than those on CBD and THC. In table 1.1. you can find a complete overview of all known cannabinoids of Cannabis Sativa L.


Table 1.1.


Chemical class                                                 Number of compounds


Δ⁹-THC type                                                                                     18

Δ⁸-THC type                                                                                     2

CBG type                                                                                           17

CBC type                                                                                           8

CBD type                                                                                           8

CBND type                                                                                        2

CBE type                                                                                            5

CBL type                                                                                            3

CBN type                                                                                           10

CBT type                                                                                            9

Misc type                                                                                          22


Total cannabinoids                                                                      104        

Total noncannabinoids                                                               441

Total                                                                                                 545


The following cannabinoids have been studied for different conditions: CBG, CBGA, CBC, CBN and THCV. The observed effects of these cannabinoids are mostly similar to the effects of CBD. They also seem to have their own unique effects. We do discuss these studies on CBD-medicatie.nl. If there are indications that other cannabinoids have a positive influence on a certain ailment, you can find these on the page of the respective ailment.


Why is there not so much research on other cannabinoids? In short: cannabis is a difficult object to study. This is partly because it is such a complex plant with so many different compounds.

People who have experience with the use of cannabis as a medicine often think that whole plant extracts (i.e. containing a whole spectrum of cannabinoids) are better than a single isolated cannabinoid (pure CBD, for example). However, researchers want to determine which component causes what. For this reason researchers often choose to look at only a single (isolated) cannabinoid, despite the fact that there is also evidence that cannabinoids may enhance each other’s effect. This supposed synergistic effect of cannabinoids is lost when only “loose” cannabinoids are used in a study. For this same reason, it is advisable in most cases to use a so-called Full Spectrum oil, which contains a wide spectrum of other cannabinoids in addition to CBD.


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