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How do I determine my dose of CBD?

There are no official guidelines for determining your dose of CBD. The best advice we are able to give to people who are considering the use of CBD is “start low, go slow.” In other words, start with a low dose and increase the dose gradually, until it has the desired effect. The ideal dose may vary greatly depending on the condition. We know for example that pain usually requires a higher dose than anxiety. In addition, there will be individual differences.  It has also been suggested to base dosage on body weight.

Why are there no official guidelines for dosage?

Despite the fact that scientific research increasingly shows that CBD can be used therapeutically, CBD is not yet registered as medicine. At this time, CBD may not be sold as medicine, but only as a dietary supplement. For now, most of the advice on dosing CBD is based on the experiences of other users. Fortunately CBD is a very safe drug, of which most users have very little to no side effects. Moreover, there are no described cases of overdosing in current scientific literature. Experimenting until the right dose is found (as described above) seems to be the best method for now.


What is an average dose?

There have been so-called case studies in scientific literature in which patients were receiving CBD on a daily basis. The doses that are used in these cases are relatively high, with doses of up to 700mg p/day. If we look at what regular consumers usually take, this number is often much lower, with doses that start from 20 mg.


Know your product

Finally, proper dosing starts with knowing what is in your product. The information on the label of CBD products is not always correct in our experience. If you want to be sure of what you are taking, you can have your oil tested in a laboratory.




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  1. Ik gebruik nu minder medicatie.sabril en togretol. Ik hè vandaag cbd ingenomen,en ik ben nieuwschierig hoe dat reageert.Het lichaam zal nog effe hier aan moeten wennen.Over twee weken kan ik meer bepalen over het effect dat het heeft.

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