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Per year 4 to 10% of the Western population suffers from depression. As many as 15 to 17% of the western population has had a depression in his or her lifetime. Depression is a mood disorder and is characterized by abnormal feelings of sadness and lethargy, loss of interest and an inability to experience joy. These symptoms must be present for a considerable time to diagnose a depression [1].


The cannabinoid THC is known to give the user a sense of relaxation. In addition, THC can improve mood and provoke feelings of euphoria. Probably this is the reason that cannabis is considered as a remedy for depression (THC is one of the two main constituents of cannabis, CBD being the other one). In this article we will discuss the scientific literature on this subject

The research so far on the relationship between cannabis and depression is ambiguous. There are studies which found that users of cannabis suffer less from depressive symptoms, studies that fail to find an association between cannabis use and depression, and studies showing that cannabis just exacerbates depressive symptoms [2].


THC and depression

It seems that the effect of cannabis on depression can go either way. A possible explanation for this may be found in the way cannabis works. Several studies support the idea that THC has an antidepressant effect by acting on a cannabinoid receptors in our body, the receptor CB1 to be specific. For example, we know that the effects of THC can be mimicked by other substances that act on CB1 receptors. So that explains the anti-depressant effects of cannabis, but why does cannabis sometimes just seem to cause depression instead? It is suspected that when people use cannabis excessively during their adolescent years, this results in a reduced number of CB1 receptors. This makes this group more at risk for depression later in their lives. This idea is supported by research which showed that suppressing CB1 receptors in healthy people causes them to experience anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.


CBD and depression

In several studies CBD was also found to have an antidepressant effect [3]. Most of these studies used lab animals. But unlike THC, CBD hardly has any effect on the CB1 receptor. One of the receptors CBD does work on is called 5HT(1A). Serotonin (a neurotransmitter produced by the body itself) also works on this receptor. The activity of serotonin plays an important role in depression. Most antidepressants work by stimulating the activity of serotonin. Because CBD acts on the same receptor as serotonin, this may explain the antidepressant effects of CBD.


Advice for the use of cannabinoids against depression

There are indications that CBD may be effective against depression. However, there are currently no clinical studies (conducted with human subjects) that support this hypothesis. That means that there is also no concrete information about an effective dose. However, CBD is an agent that can be used safely, so experimenting with different dosages is possible. If you are already using medication for depression, always consult your prescribing doctor or specialist first. Click here to read more about safe use of cannabinoids.




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  1. IK heb goede ervaringen (sinds kort) met CBD tegen depressieve gevoelens. Ik word rustiger, echt! Toen ik het was vergeten kwam de onrust weer terug.

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    • Beste Sheree,
      Goed om te horen dat CBD bij jou werkt tegen depressieve gevoelens! Welk CBD-percentage gebruik je? En hoeveel druppels per dag?

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  2. Ik gebruik sinds een half jaar thc olie tegen depressie. Het werkt ZO goed. Ik ben er een ander mens van geworden. Ik gebruik 3 x daags 3 druppels en ook hierbij cbd. Ik heb ook anti d gebruikt maar dit is niet te vergelijken en voelt zoveel beter. Wat een prachtige plant en wat verschrikkelijk dat het niet gelegaliseerd is het doet zo veel moois.

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  3. Hallo Maria,

    heb je wel eens THC olie gebruikt samen met anti depressiva? Wat is daar je ervaring mee?

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  4. Ik gebruik al jaren thc olie.Toen ik er een maand mee stopte als experiment voelde ik me weer verschrikkelijk slecht zowel lichamelijk als geestelijk.Gisteren heb ik weer druppels genomen en voelde na een kwartier de depressie weg gaan en was meteen weer positiever.Mij helpen thc druppels heel erg.Ik krijg er wel soms hartkloppingen van als ik teveel druppels neem.

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