Is there any sort of certification for CBD?

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Unfortunately, there is currently no certification for products containing CBD. At the same time, CBD is becoming increasingly more popular, which makes the number of CBD sellers grow almost exponentially. For consumers it can be difficult to make a good choice on this flooded market. Different sellers all want to jump in on CBD and it is very much the question how this affects the quality of products. You may ask yourself if the product you bought actually contains what the label tells you. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to self-assess the content and quality of your product. The only way to get certainty on the content of your product is to have it tested in a specialized laboratory. Another possibility is to take a little more time and do some research on the company you are buying your product from. Have they been around for a long time? Then they probably want to maintain their good reputation and are more likely to deliver on what they promised.

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