About CBD

What’s CBD oil?

Very briefly: CBD oil is an oil containing the substance cannabidiol. Cannbidiol is better known by its acronym CBD. The oil in which CBD is dissolved is usually hemp seed oil. CBD itself is a constituent of plants from the cannabis family, but is most commonly extracted from the flowers of hemp plants. Go to What’s CBD oil? To find out exactly what CBD is, how it is used and what makes it so appealing.


Is CBD oil safe?

CBD has repeatedly been researched as a potential drug. There are even drugs on the market that consist partly of CBD. The first step when we consider substances as potential new drugs is to study their safety profiles. In doing this, it has been found that CBD is well tolerated by humans, even at high doses and for a longer periods of time. Nevertheless, it is still important to be careful when using CBD, for example when CBD is combined with THC or with other medications. Read all about the safety of cannabis in general and CBD in particular.


Where does CBD oil come from?

CBD oil is usually made from the flowers of cannabis plants. Depending on the type of oil you want to make other plants can also be used. For some applications you may need an oil that also contains THC, in addition to THC. Because hemp plants hardly contain any THC you will need a Sativa, Indica or Ruderalis, or some hybrids thereof. Then there is also synthetic CBD, which is produced in a laboratory. Go to CBD in cannabis to learn more about where CBD comes from.


How does CBD oil work?

CBD oil is used for both physical and mental ailments and illnesses. Many people have already experienced the beneficial effects of CBD firsthand. In addition to this there is a considerable body of scientific research that supports the therapeutic efficacy of CBD. But how does CBD oil work exactly? Our brains communicate through various substances, called neurotransmitters. CBD can mimic the actions of these neurotransmitters. By doing so, CBD-oil can for instance make you feel less pain or less tension. Read more about the effects of CBD on various receptors in our brain.


Cannabinoids in the human body

CBD is a cannabinoid and is found in plants that belong to the cannabis family. Besides CBD there are more than a hundred other cannabinoids that can be found in these plants. At first, researchers assumed that cannabinoids were exclusively found in plants of the cannabis family. Later however, these substances were also found in some other plant species, and even in the human body. The cannabinoids that occur naturally in the human body have been named endocannabinoids. We use the term phytocannabinoids to refer exclusively to cannabinoids in plants.


Other ingredients in CBD-oil

CBD of course is the main ingredient in CBD oil, but as we mentioned earlier on, there are also other cannabinoids in CBD oil. Together with these other cannabinoids CBD can have a so-called synergistic effect, which means that cannabinoids can enhance each other’s effects. The same synergistic effect is observed for interactions with other ingredients, such as terpenes and flavonoids.



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